“You need to really believe in what you've got to offer, what your talent is — and if you believe, that gives you strength.”  - Dolly Parton

I have lots of new wood burings and art work coming to Mermaid Ally in 2023. Learning to balance life as a new mom and creating art has been difficult, but I finally have been able to spend some more time in the art studio! 

Those wise words of Dolly Parton above popped up in front of me recently and they really hit home. I need to start BELIEVING in myself and the talent God gave me.

I have undercharged for my artwork since day one for lots of reasons...but with that said it is time to really put a value on my pieces that are one of a kind. You will see me beginning to list some larger and more detailed wood burnings aka pyrography with higher price tags. 

Folks, this is how I provide for my household and pay my bills. I need to put a price tag on my art that reflects my skills and the time I put into them. I truly believe every single piece I create is destined for someone specifically - if you can not afford one of my larger pieces right now - I promise I will still be producing $20 and under items such as new wood burned book marks and greeting cards.

I appreciate each and every single one of you who support my love of art and also my family.  Thank  you as always and I am so looking forward to seeing what I will create in 2023. 

Please check my Events page to see where I will be selling my art this year and also face painting events open to the public.